Saturday, July 19, 2008


OK, the first article has nothing to do with me, but a photo of me is in there! Estherville's local paper did a story on Dad and his cars the other day - Rock'n'Roll Forever. It came out pretty well, though I sure wish there was more actual car stuff in it and that they would have chosen photos of the cars, not just the motor! If he didn't have any, he knew I was there shooting some frames, and he could have asked. I think these are more interesting!
Here's three of the cars we wheeled out for the story

And one of Dad showing off the Buick's motor

or just a simple car shot of the Hudson

Yesterday I met Cat in Worthington and we hit Sioux Falls for a bit of retail relaxation. It was great to catch up with her and just hang out as we searched for bargains and must have items! I'm hoping to be able to get together with her at least one more day before I head out (my trip is coming to an end too quickly!)

After dropping her at her car, I zoomed back to the Lakes to try to make the 7:30pm meet time for the movie...I pulled in the lot at 7:28 and was in my seat right on time thanks to a lovely Minnesota man who couldn't read his speedometer :)

Mama Mia was really a fun movie and I laughed out loud a lot! Enjoyed all of it except Pierce Brosnan's singing - he should stick to looking good, imho.

I was very surprised to return to the lake house and see the front page of the Estherville Daily News mostly devoted to a story on me! I had no idea it would be the headline and take up the majority of the front page - clearly a very slow news week in Estherville. But much more enjoyable that the usual doom & gloom headlines, I think. Going Down Under includes a few of my photos and the article is pretty close on most points. I hope people get a kick out of it! When I get a chance, I'll take a shot of the paper itself and pop it in here as it looks better with the images, but here are the ones they used

Dad is getting stopped all over town because of these two articles and it's kind of fun to have people ask questions about the cars, my photography, diving and Australia. With all of this fame, can fortune be very far behind?!?

I've had no chance to organize posts from my excellent weekend down to the Florida Keys for ScubaBoard's Invade the Keys 2008 or anything else that's been going on during this whirlwind trip, so you'll have to keep checking back for that! But it's not often I make the front page twice in a week so I wanted to get some quick links up LOL

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