Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tally me bananas...

Who says that Dave and I don't have green thumbs?  We have bananas!  Real, honest to goodness, grown on the tree bananas!  They aren't very big yet, but we're hopeful. How cool is this?

I've been playing a little bit with one of the lenses I picked up on my last trip home. All of the animals run away when they see me with a camera, but I managed to grab a few shots. Dora was waiting patiently for her dad to make her some lunch

Tilly showing off her wound...she pushed Dora a little too far and then when Dora snapped at her, she smacked into Dora's teeth...didn't phase Til at all coz she was straight back into annoying her sister

Then she was outside stalking the kitties

Boof was hunkered down under the table

Dave and some of the guys went fishing the other day and all of the animals were excited to see them when they came back to the house. The dogs love Craig because he always takes the time to give them some cuddles and a play, so they hopped into the back of my car to hang with him and watch the world go by

Tilly lost interest for a while and just went and sat on Dora's butt while Dora gave her long-suffering face

then had a little snooze

Black kitty, Harry, was the first cat out the door and straight to the esky looking for fresh fish. Dave had a good day out and brought home some very nice fish to stock our freezer.

So we've been eating well the past few nights!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dave's back to Perth

Dave hopped on a plane for Perth today so he can do more doctor's appointments to try to find some sort of a solution for his feet.  They have been absolutely terrible lately and some days he's just in agony.  We can't believe that there isn't something out there that can offer him some relief.  He has appointments every day for the rest of this week, but will hopefully come home early next week.  We'll keep you updated if we get anything resembling real news.  Your good thoughts are appreciated.

I have a wedding to shoot on Saturday so I met with the bride on Monday and yesterday met with the venue and food & beverage managers so I'm all ready to go!  I'm really looking forward to this wedding - can't wait!  While I was at the resort I also got hired to do some promotional shots for them on Tuesday, so that was a nice bonus.

Dora, Til and I have been trying to get to the beach most afternoons and we've been trying to work on a little off-lead stuff.  Tilly will jump into the car, but as soon as Dora puts  her paws up for me to lift her back end in, Til jumps over her and runs around like a crazy dog.  So we're not quite there yet.  But for the most part, they are being pretty good girls as they run amok!

Dora still tries to sneak off for a few minutes of quiet water time, but MatildaLily can't let her relax.

They still have discussions about treasures found on the beach and Dora still comes out on top. The other day they had a stick that must have been extremely interesting because once she took it away from the little dog, Dora just plopped down in the sand with it!

Tilly remains a good citizen by locating various garbage and dragging it around with her. Once in the car she thoughtfully breaks it down into very small pieces - this used to be a milk carton

She had a big goofy moment the other day when we unearthed Blowfish from the toy bucket.

But then thought maybe she was too grown-up for such antics

But it didn't last long!


Saturday, August 23, 2008

A quiet week

I've been slack about posting anything this week as Dave and I haven't been up to much at all.  Just work and errands and boring things that are the day-to-day staples.

The Girls and I have been hitting the beach, of course, and it's been gorgeous with low tide and a glass-still Gulf each afternoon.  

Digger joins us most days

On the way out the other day a Dad Emu was helping his three little ones cross the road.  They are so cute - they still have their stripes and spots!  I couldn't get the camera up in time to get the babies, but got one of dad and if you look real close in the grass there are two teeny heads...

It's still winter here and the mornings are so cold!  I'm not really a cold person so it's been a little tough. Thankfully I have a very good heater in my office!  Even the animals aren't too impressed and at least two of them usually take advantage of my early morning rising to hop into bed with Dave!

I'm hoping that the mornings warm up just a tad soon as the sun is starting to get up at a reasonable hour and I want to start walking in the mornings again...but so far it's just too darned cold!

Speaking of cold...I got some great news about my upcoming trip to South America and Antarctica the other day.  One of my friends that I hung out with at Invade the Keys in July is coming, too!  She's now in the cabin right next door and Amber is just down the hall.  We're going to have an excellent trip and I can't wait! 

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Nothing much, just the pets

The Girls and are I enjoying the beach and Tilly is actually getting better about riding in the car.  It does help that I now put her on a lead before we get back to the car, but she jumps right in.  Of course, Dora procrastinates and then demands to have her back end lifted in and I'm not quite perfect at making sure Til stays in the back of the car during this process.  Luckily I leave the lead on her so Mary can stomp on it as Til rushes past!

No real puppy beach news, just some photos of them having fun. The squeamish don't need to worry, none of the dugong, which has gone a very nasty black with its own little platoon of big black flies!

Run, Doggies, Run!

Dora scoping things out

Back in the car

Settling down

Home again for another nap
< Lobo is happy that I'm home as he loves to snooze in the office with me. And he always tries to find the most comfortable place...this time it's on my new camera bag. Love that kitty hair!
He's not nearly as excited about the actual camera

Jeesh, Mom, just give it a rest, would ya?

Two trucks & a new house

Our friends, Roz & Rollo, finally saw their new house arrive yesterday. It's so cool to see it come up on two trucks and to watch the team slowly lower it into place! We went out to watch the progress from the comfort of a couple of lawn chairs as the sun set.

Rollo helped with the unloading of the concrete disks that the house rests on

They've placed the house up on a rise so it has lovely Gulf views from their kitchen & dining area

It's quite the production to make sure the house is completely level

The construction crew lifted the cover for a little look-see

and that is all the invitation Roz and Rollo needed to get their first peek - they had not seen the house at all during construction!

Roz is thrilled with her new en suite

and kitchen

She was doing a happy dance from the other side when she saw her new oven!

Finally uncovered - this is the interior wall and the second part of the house connects flush with it

Two thumbs up from Roz

Rollo points with pride "That's my new house!"

Preparing to move the second half in

The light was fading fast as they moved it in. It's expected that they will have everything completed, ready for the electrician and plumber, by Monday!

We took the Girls with us and they were very well behaved despite all of the new and exciting sights, sounds and smells. We were a little proud!

Tilly did get a little over-excited about the cockie, but the bird handled it well

Dora pretended not to notice the squawking and instead chose to give us her "I can't believe she's so naughty" look

Tilly ran amok out in the bush exploring, but Dora decided her Dad had the best view of all the happenings

Til was just sure there was something good in the boat

But then had to do a run-by while Dave and Dora patiently watched