Thursday, February 19, 2009

5 more airlines, 6 more airports

I'm back in Exmouth recovering from yet another long stretch of airports.  My flights home were uneventful after United canceled my 0620 from Sioux Falls to Chicago and Amber spent two hours on the phone after midnight with a rep trying to get me on alternative flights so I wouldn't miss my international connection.  She was a champ and got United to book me on Northwest to Minneapolis with a change back to United from there to Chicago.

When I checked in at Sioux Falls for my 0500 flight - so much for sleep Saturday night! - the guy said I had to have a paper ticket!  A paper ticket?  I haven't held a paper ticket in like five years LOL  He said he had me on the flight, but without the paper ticket, he couldn't let me board.  Ridiculous.  Eventually he sorted it out with the United guy who was standing about ten feet from him...have to love Sioux Falls Joe Fosse Field!

Then it was Sioux Falls -> Minneapolis -> Chicago -> Tokyo -> Perth -> Exmouth.  No real layovers this time and that was nice, but surprisingly hard on me.  Had about four hours in Tokyo so did get a dayroom for a shower and a little nap stretched out on a real bed - heaven at that stage!

Got home to overcast and HUMIDITY!  The heat was a welcome change from the cold of the MidWest.  All dogs, kitties and husband were happy to see me and my homecoming was great.  Haven't even begun to unpack yet...last time it only took me 5 months :)

Spent all day yesterday working on the emails and other things that had accummulated since my last work day was Friday and I think I am pretty well caught up with the immediate things.  Today I will be doing a little photography work, starting to sort through the 100s of job applications we've received so we can start selecting new crew for season and hopefully taking the Girls to the beach.  I also want to try to find some time to work on some more photos from my trip and maybe even get another blog post up about it for you all!

While I was away our modem had a fit so Dave bought a new one.  During installation, my wallpaper on my monitors got removed so in trying to find it again yesterday I ran into this image of Diva and me from way back in the late 90s when we lived in the caravan in Coral Bay.  She will have been gone 2 years at the end of this month and I still miss her every day. This is my new wallpaper now and it makes me smile.

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