Thursday, February 19, 2009

California February 2009

I flew to San Francisco to spend a few days with Mom after my big trip to South America & Antarctica (yes, there are more posts coming from the trip!).  I couldn't believe how dry everything looked as we flew over the Sierras, almost no snow!

It was mostly overcast and a bit rainy during the two and a half days I got to spend so we did more indoorsy things this trip. I didn't mind as it meant we got to spend a lot of time chatting and just hanging out together, which is really the most important thing for me anyway!

We did a movie - New In Town - and boy oh boy is it bad. I mean, like, don't even bother on buck night bad. It's not like there aren't enough entertainment possibilities for a movie set in New Ulm, Minnesota! The crappy winter weather, the ice fishing, the accents, the polka, the clothes, the midwest hairdo (you KNOW what I'm talking about), the pickup trucks, the scrapbooking...but this movie managed to screw them all up and just make it all not funny. So much potential, so little fruit! The only redeeming features of the movie were: her shoes and Harry Connick Jr. He is aging very well, thank you very much. But, alas, there isn't enough of either to justify sitting through this flick.

We also hit the library and a used bookstore, did some walking, ate at Buca - an excellent Italian place, did a DVD night and accidentally shopped for shoes. Yes, accidentally! We were walking off a rather large lunch and decided to harmlessly wander through Macy's. Of course they were having a major shoe sale so we browsed. Then the nice salesman said there was an extra 40% off the reduced prices...and then he said that we could have another 20% off if we had any red on us! Thank goodness for Mom's hair! So how could we not? I was good - I walked away from a completely gorgeous pair of Stuart Weitzman heels that were over 75% off. Good me! I ended up with two totally practical and one so totally not; Mom bought a great pair of purple suede boots.

My time was too short in California this trip, but I loved every minute of it.

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