Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Back from the US

I'm finally catching up on work and getting settled back in after being in the US for a few weeks in November & December. I came back a bit later than I intended so I could make my Cousin Jake's wedding reception on the 24th in Minneapolis. Jake and Heather looked so insanely happy (and gorgeous, btw) and everyone at the reception had a great time, I think! I know I did. Congratulations again to the happy couple (of whom I have no photos, how sad is that?)

Cat, Mom and I all went up to the Cities on Friday to do some shopping and just hang out. Mike joined us on Saturday afternoon and Sunday took all of us to the museums for two special exhibits: Georgia O'Keeffe and Frida Kahlo. I enjoyed both exhibits a lot and am glad I was there with these guys because it's not something I would normally do with many other people.

Mike and Cat had to head home on Sunday so they could get back to work on Monday, but Mom and I hung out and did some more shopping and caught up with Ann and Ali for lunch. It was really nice to be able to catch up with Ann this trip as it isn't often we seem to be in the same place at the same time!

I spent most of the time in Iowa catching up with Dad and my Grandmother. Dad and I got to drive Patt's dad's Hudson from the body shop back to Dad's shop on one of the colder mornings - at least it was colder for him...I was toasty in the truck with the heater on full blast!
Despite shopping for camera gear until I thought my credit card would melt, I didn't take many photos this trip. My friends - Amber, Chuck and Michelle - hit the Denver Zoo in November when I stopped to spend two days there and I was able to play with my new Canon 40D and Canon 70-200IS 2.8 lens...very sweet and very heavy!

The lake house was getting the royal treatment for Christmas decorations - Patt was adding things every day and some nights it took three of us to get things just right. The house looks fabulous and she makes it look so easy...but now that I've seen behind-the-scenes I'm pretty sure my house will never be as decked out!

The weather while I was back was actually pretty good for the most part. Most days were sunny and "warm-ish" but a couple were wet, windy and cold. One day we had the wonderful freezing rain, sleet and ice that only the mid-west can offer. I'm happy to be back in summertime Australia and my feet have finally thawed out!

Flying out of Denver was interesting as it had been snowing all night and as my flight came closer it turned to that heavy, wet and freezing stuff. We only got backed up about 15 minutes and it was very cool to watch the de-icer trucks out and about. The flight was smooth and virtually empty - just the way I like 'em!

The rest of my journey back to Oz took forever and a day, it seemed, with terrible long layovers in LA and in Perth where I had to overnight. But I made it and it's only taken me a few days to recover from it all!

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