Friday, December 28, 2007

We made the final decision

We have been in Perth for the past few days to celebrate Christmas with the Hall Family. Chrismas Day was lovely - great food, good drinks, happy people and more good food! Boxing Day was stinking hot - I think Perth set a new record for the day at 44.6C! Yuck! Thankfully it hasn't been that hot again.

Boxing Day took us to the breeder's to make our final selection. We eventually got it narrowed down to two girls - a dark one and my original first choice. I wasn't sure we were ever going to be able to choose between them! We even seriously talked about taking them both...but then reality set back in and we knew that two more puppies in our lives would probably just be a little too much (though secretly I think we both still want both of them and would be more than happy to make any sacrifices!)

After a lot of soul searching and tossing back and forth, we decided to stay with my original pick. This little light coloured girl was always friendly and curious, but with a short attention span - she really loved to explore and play and bounce! She was extremely naughty and into everything while we were there, but her personality is just so cute and we do really like that confidence - especially for our household!

So, here's Matilda Lily - we pick her up tomorrow and we can't wait!

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