Monday, December 31, 2007

Day one with MatildaLily

We picked Little Miss Lalapanzi RC (Roca) MatildaLily up on the 29th. Before we took her, Kate, the breeder, offered to clip her nails one last time. As many of you know, our Dora HATES to have this done so we jumped at the chance to have someone else deal with it one last time. MatildaLily was not overly cooperative but between the three of us, Kate managed to get them done!

Cassie, MatildaLily's fur mom, made sure that her babe was all set to venture into the new world by giving her some last minute discipline and a bit of a tidy-up, as well.

Tilly (short when she's being good!) thought riding in the car was pretty cool. She looked out the window, chewed on the hand brake lever, snuffled around and chewed on Octopus. Suddenly the whole thing caught up with her and she snuggled into me, with Octopus right with her, and zonked out.

It didn't last very long! As soon as we drove through at the bottle shop on our way to see Ryan's new house, she was up and checking everything out again. She appears to be another mouthy dog - has to chew on everything she's come across so far!

She loved running around inside Ry & Kel's construction site (well supervised, of course!) - so many things to check out and so many ways to get into trouble! After burning off a good chunk of energy there, it was back into the car and off to see some other friends and then to the new boat to see Rick. This was her first time in the backpack as we'd simply been carrying her earlier. I put her in the backpack during the drive to get her used to it, and she promptly fell asleep. Once at the marina, she perked up and thought she was pretty cool getting carried around like some little princess! The smells & sights of the ocean were enticing and her nose was twitching and her eyes were trying to look everywhere at once. She was very good and didn't struggle to get out of the bag at all - just took it as her due and cruised around in style.

Rick, Dave and I headed back to Rick's for a cold beer and fresh fish snacks. Tilly thought the fish divine, I can see she's going to fit right in with the rest of our clan. Indy, Rick & Sue's Grand-daughter, thought the puppy was pretty fun, if a little scary, and Tilly thought chasing after her was a great game.

Puppies are great hits with everyone - we stopped to get takeout and all the people sitting outside were cooing and asking questions and generally going a bit ga-ga over her...I don't blame them, she really knows how to turn on the charm!

We thought all this would tire her out, but back where we were staying she pelted up and down the room like a mad thing. Pouncing on suitcases, tugging at shoelaces, chasing her new toys - Octopus has already become a favourite and she finally took him off under a chair to wind down.

Tilly was surprisingly good all night. She peed in the right place, at the right time and she slept most of the night with only a couple of rambunctious bouts of playing and nipping. I didn't get a whole lot of sleep worrying about if she was going to sneak out of bed and do something naughty, but that proved to be unfounded - Dave and I were both pleasantly surprised and hope it keeps up!

We're back in Exmouth now and I'll post the day of the flight and arrival home soon!

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