Monday, February 4, 2008

And so February begins

I'm not sure where January went but here we are almost through the first week of February already! Last week was a big one for our household.

Tilly turned 8 weeks so had her second round of vaccinations and another weighin - she's tipping the scales at 11.5kgs already. Turns out she's not 100% keen on the whole being on the slick metal table at the vet's. She did OK, I thought, but wasn't 100% sit still and be cooperative as the vet tried to look in her ears and at her teeth - Til was more interested in trying to see if she could get the vet's hand (or nose) in her mouth. Once the vet broke out the needle, it was Oscar performance time. MatildaLily screamed like a banshee as soon as the vet touched her neck - the vet didn't even touch it with the needle and Tilly was off! Screaming, yelping, barking, wriggling, trying to bite, pawing, did I mention screaming? It was a little embarassing, in truth. Then we had to do the second needle... She is SUCH a drama queen.

She's also hit an extremely naughty phase with getting into everything, chewing stuff up (thankfully nothing important so far), running like a crazed maniac for hours on end, jumping up, putting her teeth on everything including people...pretty much if it's naughty puppy behaviour, she's doing it. She's also learned how to get up on the furniture - though she doesn't make it every time.

She had a great game with Dave last night...jump on the couch, get yelled at, cuddle into the pillow looking innocent while ignoring Dad, Dad gets up comes over, sternly says "down" with a hand gesture, Tilly bolts down and around the living room and out the door, Dad sits down, Tilly thunders back inside and straight back onto the couch. Repeat. Better than she does for me, I guess, she simply ignores me altogether.

Bringing the outdoors in is also a popular pastime and we spend a lot of time picking bits of trees off the carpet and vacuuming the floors. And then there's the toilet paper...

We bought a puppy pool last week as it's still really hot and the low tide has been at the wrong time of day to take MatildaLily down to the beach. Neither of the dogs is quite sure what they are meant to do with it, but Tilly did have fun while we were putting water in the first day.

She loves to run through it splashing away and also play pounces & digs with her front paws, again, making as big of a mess as possible. She then runs inside.

Inside she's discovered that there is another naughty dog who lives in the mirror of Dave's closet. Tilly yelps and whines at it while trying to get it to play...

She's highly food motivated which we've been assured will make her easier to train. Not so much so far. A recent bone kept us all on the move as she'd take any lapse of attention as a sign that we really did want her to bring the manky thing inside. It was easier to just pick her up with the bone - she certainly wasn't letting go!

Life hasn't been all about the puppy, though it sure seems to be some days! Dave's been hard at work pretty-ing Concorde up for the season and I've still been busy with the day to day office stuff. I've also had some action on the photography side of things despite not finding time to get my web site revamped or any advertising out at all.

I have a portrait session of all the little kiddies and the staff at the local daycare on the 13th of this month. Should be interesting and hopefully it will generate some more business. I already have one additional family portrait session thanks to it. I also had a meeting with a bride for April on Friday morning and she'd booked me within two hours of talking! I had another bride ring my for a meeting on Friday, too, but I had to turn that one down as her date conflicts with when I will be in Wakatobi this October.

A friend of mine came up with an intriguing offer for the new year '09, too, so stay tuned for more information as that evolves!

I did get out diving on the weekend, too! Four dives over the two days for over 400 minutes underwater. It was heavenly! First time using my new underwater housing for my Canon 40D and I love it. It is just a gem - so easy and the new viewfinder is delightful to work with! I'm glad I decided to buy it, even though it's not the cheapest thing in the world and I didn't really need it. It will definitely make life more pleasant!

The dives were awesome - just so many creatures and beautiful underwater conditions. The ocean conditions were gorgeous on Saturday, but Sunday was way rougher than we expected. Still, the bashing to the site was worth it for all we found! Here's a few photos from this weekend:
Chromodoris coi nudibranchs with some egg spirals:

My big jawfish buddy who's been in the same hole for two years now:

Ceratosoma nudibranch

Pretty shell on a stalk of soft coral - the coral is feeding, you can see the polyps:

Whip goby on a sea fan:

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