Sunday, February 24, 2008

The storm photos

Not sure where my brain was yesterday but I didn't put any photos from the cyclone up! Dave and I drove around checking the ocean out all the way up to red alert.
Looking back towards land from the marina while on blue alert

This is not even the top of the tide and there is no storm surge yet...I'm not sure the canal walls are quite high enough...

At Bundegi during Yellow Alert. We usually nose the big boat up to the end of that jetty and step down to the boat...tide was high and the waves higher!

Looking into Lighthouse Bay from an elevated overlook

Looking south towards the Lighthouse

View from the Lighthouse looking north

From the Lighthouse looking west - that's where I was meant to have a family portrait session...we postponed!

Hunter Access - right around and on this rock is where we do the photo sessions

Back at the marina a bit later in the day the waves were crashing over the retaining wall that runs along the entry channel...if you look closely you can see the channel markers sometimes!

On the other side of the marina where we launch private boats, things looked a little calmer. I am always surprised that people need to be told certain things, however:

We had the girls in the car with us and Tilly was revved up, as usual, so Dave suggested we let them out for a little run around. I wasn't quite so sure - no collars with us - but he said it would be fine. The girls had a good time exploring the car park, but Dora was over the rain and wind pretty quickly

MatildaLily, Devil Child, thought the rain was a hoot...but playing a game of Run Away from Dad Who is Getting Angrier and Angrier was da bomb!

In town on the way home we saw a few signs knocked down. I still don't understand exactly how it happened. This is the sign at the Visitor's Centre

This is the sign on the road to our house - it's completely blown over

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