Saturday, January 26, 2008

A full week!

We've had a big week in Puppy-ville. MatildaLily is growing like a weed and has shot up at least a couple of inches lately. She's all legs and big paws and no attention span = clumsy! She's now at 8.7kgs so it won't be long before she's too heavy to be carted around in my arms. They grow so fast!

She's made progress in making friends with the kitties and Harry will now sit in the same general area with her without his dissolving into a hissing, spitting mess.

The other morning Harry was watching the world go by outside the front door and Tilly behaved herself and approached gently, finally sitting down very close. Harry has decided that ignoring her is the way to go.

Tilly feels totally rejected...

Tilly's been so revved up that even cavorting all over the backyard and jetting through the house for hours on end has not drained enough energy off, so we headed to the beach at low tide. She wasn't immediately excited about it and we walked on the lead for a few minutes until her sister Dora helped her find her confidence.

Then she happily zoomed all over the sand and had a great time romping through the water.

We met up with our friends Ross, Mary & Digger. Tilly is learning how to play nicely with other dogs, though Dig doesn't make it that easy for her, preferring to concentrate on his frisbee!

On the way back another friend and his dog joined us for a bit of playtime. Tilly thought it was great coz she'd run and play chasey - Tilly's energy level hadn't decreased at all! Dora kept a watchful eye on her sister to make sure the new dog was playing nicely

and Dig decided that there were too many girl dogs for his liking and he went and sat in the car!

Tilly was so full of energy that getting a not blurry shot was almost impossible! Mary kept her eye on the prize, though, and took advantage of a moment between bursts of speed!

It didn't last long, of course...

But as the sun went down there was at least one more break!

On Friday afternoon I got a call out of the blue from a development company wanting some aerial views of a property just south of the new marina. This isn't something I've done before but I figured, why not?! I have shot out of the plane before, but always for fun, not for someone else's needs so I was a little concerned, but confident. This was a hurry up job and we hit the sky this morning.

The airstrip is very close to our property so as we were climbing the pilot, our friend Rollo, took us over it so I could grab a few frames. Forgive the angles on these - as we were working I had to grab what I could with little regard for art!

Ours is the one with the big rectangle and the roads down the sides mark our boundaries. The beach is the white strip and you can also see the reef in front of us.

Again looking towards the West you can see our property and that bit of blue in the upper left corner is the Indian Ocean on the other side of the Cape. The path you see between the beach and our property is the walking trail that goes for miles in both directions.

You can see our property near the middle of the frame here and we are now looking south out of our town and along the Gulf. This property is about an 8 minute drive from our current house that is in town. It's going to be so luxurious to live "out bush" but with all the amenities of town that close when we want them!

This is the view along the Gulf looking north towards the townsite and the top of the Cape.

I'm revamping my photography business web site and working with some designers to choose a logo. I expect to spend a good deal of time this week concentrating on building more business and finalizing some current projects.

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Maeve said...

Hi Kris, you've certainly fulfilled your New Year's resolution so far. Love your pics and the interesting way you put them all together. It's a great way of keeping up.