Saturday, March 1, 2008

A new month

February sped by and Dave and I are working hard to get things ready at the dive centre for our upcoming Whale Shark Season. We expect the busy season to start up during the Easter weekend and that will be here before we know it!

MatildaLily is still growing every day - she seems to be almost as long as Dora is already! She is due for her last round of shots during the second week of March...she could have had them at the end of February except our vets are only here every two weeks now and we missed them by a day. Very frustrating as it means she won't be able to go out and about everywhere with us until the third week of March and she's going nutso with pent up energy. We take the dogs down to the beach for walks and down to the boat to go bezerk with their mate, Kai. It takes some of the energy down, at least.

I've set some travel dates so will be able to do my class reunion, my Dad's birthday, San Francisco with Mom and ScubaBoard's Invade the Keys later in the year. It will be another whirlwind, but I'm very much looking forward to catching up with my family and friends and doing promotion for the diving here on the Ningaloo Reef!

Getting ready for season means I've been spending quite a bit of time in the office lately...and very little time out diving, unfortunately. When I need a little work break, I tackle my out of control hard drives. I really do need to be better about keywording and organizing my images! Here are a few I've rediscovered - just so the whole blog today isn't boring text!

And one from a great dive right after I got my first dslr set-up. This is our friend and my dive bud, Mary, coming through a school of baitfish to a waiting tomato rockcod.

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Anonymous said...

I don't usually look at blogs (because I have one and know what that's like) but I loved you're pictures and read your stories and you're very good! From my perspective, it's like I've arrived at another planet! Keep on keeping on!
Lori, in da nort country, upper hemisphere somewhere.