Monday, November 2, 2009

It's another tequila sunrise

Sans tequila. Though maybe it would have been better with some.

Woke up this morning feeling pretty OK so threw on some clothes, loaded La Doggalas into the Boobalaru and off we went to the beach for the first non-windy morning in ages. On the drive out I started to feel a little queasy, but I opened my window wider and the cool morning air sorted me right out.

Until about 15 minutes into our walk when I knew things were suddenly not as bright and happy as they were 14 minutes into our walk. Sick big time. Shockingly, the Girls are of little help as you're laying in the sand being all sorts of ill. They bound around, kick sand, try to give you kisses, attempt to push you over so they can sit on you and generally make the whole process even less fun that it normally is.

Needless to say we cut our walk short and headed back to the car - boy, 15 minutes is a whole longer on the return trip.

Here's a happy ending to today's post just to show that my day did have potential to be nice

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