Saturday, November 28, 2009

A very Happy Thanksgiving!

Yesterday we celebrated Thanksgiving the best way: with too much food and loving family around the table.  It was a small one for us this year, just Dave & me, my Dad & stepmom and my Grandma.  Patt, my stepmom, did all of the cooking and preparation and everything was scrumptious...the turkey was so tasty it was hard to wait until evening so we could nosh on the leftovers!

The weather was much nicer than Wednesday when we had strong winds, below freezing temperatures and snow & rain. Thanksgiving was bright sunshiney, blue skies and no wind; still cold, but it's amazing how much better I cope with ridiculous temperatures if the sun is out!

As you can see, I'm not doing great on the whole posting thing...I keep having good ideas for a blog post but then don't find the time to get to it! Bear with me, hopefully I'll have something interesting soon...

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