Thursday, April 3, 2008

22 weeks & Yippeee, Daylight Savings is OVER (for the year)

I can't believe how fast time is passing. Tilly is already 22 weeks old and is getting almost as tall as Dora already! She is still a baby and is so adorable as she discovers new things, but her size and her energy sometimes make me wish the time would go faster so she could grow her brain finally! Her newest discovery is sticking her head out the window. We are learning that we can't stick our paws out coz we get into trouble
we look totally goofy with our ears folded back, but we don't care coz it feels good
we can make ourselves a little dizzy watching things go by
and if we hold our head just right, the wind makes our gums flap.
It's pretty funny. Dora tries to maintain a sense of humour as Til continues to sit on her in the car

but some days she is less amused than others.
We are loving not being on daylight savings time any more. It's actually daylight at a reasonable hour so the girls and I have been heading to the beach before work for a nice walk each day. The mornings have been glorious - light breezes, calm waters, no bugs, pretty sunrises and empty beaches as far as the eye can see! Most mornings we have kangas on the road out, too...
There is still a lot of water around from the recent rains and one section of the beach has this great new lake
The setting is so peaceful and beautiful in the changing light...the perfect way to start a long and stressful day!
The girls are loving the early morning romps
The water is clearing up nicely and the dogs have a great time splashing, chasing toys & each other and paddling in the shallows.
Tilly is improving and doesn't splash while actually swimming next to her sister now.
My beautiful girls
MatildaLily's newest game involves digging - and throwing - sand like a maniac before she will get in the car at the end of the walk. This is not my favourite activity of hers as it means all three of us end up totally covered in sand - which ends up in the car and in the house. You can't believe how much wet sand those short coats will carry!
It's obviously very tiring work, because she often has to have a little lie down afterwards
These early morning outings help me get a little office time without any craziness in the house. Usually they stop and flop as soon as we get home. They are so cute together
and sometimes they are just totally lady-like and dainty

Sometimes Tilly likes a little TV time

Harry & Boof continue to pretend none of it is really happening

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