Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A little rain, a little diving, a little beach

Whale shark season is picking up with good sharks and more clients. It means some long days, especially for Dave who is driving the boat almost daily, but every now and again we get a little time to ourselves. I headed out on the dive shop boat for a couple of dives on Saturday as it was too rough to go out on Ross & Mary's boat. They joined me on SeaZone and we had two excellent dives. The conditions underwater were gorgeous, but the surface was a mess. I was seasick! Very very seasick! Only the second time in my life and hopefully also the last. I had to do the dives because my crew had reported an anglerfish on one site and a pair of harlequin shrimp on another - and, of course, it's better to be under the water than on it when you're feeling crook!
I love anglerfish feet!

The harlequin shrimp with their prize - a blue sea star arm.

Sunday dawned calm and clear so we headed out on Ross & Mary's boat for two more dives in Lighthouse Bay. We were greeted at the jetty by a bunch of little crabs on the pylons.

Again, the conditions under the sea were beautiful and thankfully the topside conditions were also perfect! I was still feeling a bit off so just took it easy and enjoyed the views and as always were just too many cool things to distract me.
The slender flutemouth let me get really close!

As did this triggerfish - I just wish he would have let me get all of him in the frame!

Brilliant little yellow moray eel

The velvetfish was trying to hide his awesome colours

The smaller of the two porcelain crabs was actively fishing

These bubble shrimp are just so cool looking

This little mantis shrimp was scurrying around with a little piece of treasure

A little abstract of a giant clam

I found this tiny blenny commandeering an empty shell for his hidey hole

When we came back there were bright blue skies over Exmouth but we could see a huge rain band across the Cape.

The new multi-million bridge is looking pretty spiffy.

In doggie news, Tilly is learning new ways to be naughty. She has discovered the joys of digging and nothing is safe. She's unpotted the mango tree (twice), dug out a thankfully empty pot and continued to try to look innocent...

...she's not very clever at hiding her tracks, though...

She even digs in her water bowl!

She also tries to dig between your feet while you are standing on the beach. Here she's doing it to Ross and she had to keep going after he moved (SHARP puppy toenails!)

And we now have an enormous hole in the backyard. I know I should have stopped her instead of snapping some shots, but the hole was already there...

We had another day of rain that really dumped buckets down on us. Tilly still refuses to go outside while it's raining. I sure hope she's over that before winter.

Even today some of the roads in and out of town are still closed. It's starting to pinch as some clients can't get through to us, but the Main Roads people tell us that the river south of us is starting to drop, so hopefully it won't be long until all is well again. We are so completely over the rain!

Dora, MatildaLily and I have been trying to hit the beach most mornings and it's simply a fabulous way to begin the day. Both girls even seem to enjoy riding in the car more.

They run and romp and swim and play...

...then they come home and sleep while I work!

I'll end today with some sibling love - Lobo & Tilly

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