Thursday, April 3, 2008

A beautiful Easter

I know Easter was a few weeks ago, but it's been full on here with work and then some cruddy weather took over the news so I haven't had a chance to give you the good stuff until now!

Ross, Mary and I took advantage of the long weekend for the Easter holiday and went diving. The topside conditions were magical - flat seas, high temperatures, beautiful blue skies, bountiful marine life to keep us entertained on the drives out to the sites. Here's their boat at the launch ramp - we had huge tide changes over this weekend and you can see how high it was. This isn't even the highest! Those posts in the middle of the water behind the boat are actually part of the jetty!

Lighthouse Bay was gorgeous - this is looking south, towards the lighthouse, from our dive site (taken with my Olympus SW720).

And this is our big boat, SeaZone, waiting for her divers to return as we sped by

The diving was excellent all weekend. I was able to head out for three of the four days, but I had to work in the dive shop on Sunday. Sunday turned out to be the "worst" weather with a bumpy journey out and back, so if I had to miss a day, that was the right one! I also decided I couldn't resist adding an extra day to the holiday weekend, so I headed out on SeaZone and our clients on Tuesday for two more dives.
Pink anemonefish

Juvenile yellow boxfish

Porcelain crab with eggs

Cleaner wrasse wipes the brow of a bream

Moray eel with his cleaner buddy

A happy blenny waves from his hole in the coral

Clarkii anemonefish learning to fly

Coral cod visits the local dentist

On Easter Saturday a cruise ship came into town. We had a bunch of divers join our tour from the cruise ship, so that was good for business. I was just happy to drive by the ship and not get too involved with the masses of people!

Taking the dogs for beach walks was great thanks to the perfect conditions. We had hunting dolphins right off the beach one day (no photos as they were just a tad too far for the baby Oly) and on another day we had this active school of fish bouncing along the surface

Turtles and shovelnose rays have also been abundant in the shallows - one day I'll get a shot before the dogs scare them away! Dora is loving the calm conditions

I just wish she could get more than a moment of peace before MatildaLily comes crashing in

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