Tuesday, April 29, 2008

More morning walks

We've been very busy at work lately so I haven't been able to get out to do much on the "fun" front. We also had to take a break from our morning walks while Tilly's stitches were still in; I just felt too guilty taking Dora and leaving Til at home...and I don't trust Tilly all by her lonesome either! We did go to the beach with Tilly on a lead once, but it was a lot of work and we decided to just skip it for a few more days. I took them down again a couple of days later with the intention of having Tilly on the lead again but she squiggled out of my grasp and immediately went into the water. So we've just been walking, stitches in and all. Mary tried to take the stitches out the other evening, but Tilly threw an impressive hissy fit and we were only able to get three of the seven. Vet is up next Wednesday and we're going in to have them deal with it LOL

It's been fabulous walking in the morning before work again. The conditions have been perfect - perfectly flat Gulf, beautiful light rising in the sky and just a hint of breeze to relieve the stuffiness. I'm always amazed at how different the light is from day to day and from the beginning to the end of our walks.

The turnaround point for our walks usually

Looking to the West this morning

The dogs are really loving getting back out, too. Tilly has been exploring the dunes and yesterday she found a whole spine that she dragged back to us. Dora promptly started to take it off her and Til ran around and around, losing vertebrae after vertebrae until she had this very small, sad prize!

Today the prize was a skanky cuttlefish bone

Dora is always very pleased with herself

She's always the first one in the water

...although not for long!

The car is still a source of many cute moments

As usual, Tilly is finding many ways to get into trouble at home. She is a total counter surfer, a well known Ridgeback trait that neither of our other girls have had. We were so spoiled! So now we have to barricade the kitchen or she pulls stuff off the counters in search of just one more morsel

She daily tries to convince us that the barricades really aren't necessary

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