Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Cats RULE...and a wedding

Our cats are teaching MatildaLily her right and proper place in the household and she is actually beginning to learn. Boof is a right little dictator and puts up with nothing from her, but allows her to approach him and give a cuddle when she is being calm.

I was trying to take a photo of Tilly, but Boof kept coming over and pushing her out of the way!

She played nonchalant and pretended like she had an itch that needed scratching - she didn't really get pushed aside by a CAT!

Dora and Boof have no such power plays

Til then thought maybe she'd go see Lobo, who was relaxing on the spa. As soon as he saw her try to get her paws up he was in action and booted her off.

He then paced along the edge, reclaiming his throne

Tilly may be growing up and finding her own way a lot of the time, but ultimately, she has a favourite place with her big sister

Hard to believe that she can also be this naughty

This past Saturday I had the huge pleasure of photographing a wedding for an excellent couple, Jeni & Matt. The Exmouth weather was perfect, the couple were wonderful, their guests were fabulous and the locations were dreamy. The whole story is on my Kristin Anderson Photography blog

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