Thursday, October 23, 2008

Reality strikes

I am back from my fabulous diving trip to Wakatobi in Sulawesi.  I was only there for a week but I had a great time diving and just relaxing not doing much of anything at all.  I am currently working on a full trip report and will put a link in here once it is finished, but in the meantime, here are a couple of photos...

Looking back onto the resort

Mary and I arriving via the taxi boat

My bungalow from the beach side


The reefs were pretty stunning with an amazing variety of pristine corals, fans and sponges in all shapes, sizes and colours

A guy I really wanted to find - an orangatan crab

And of course, pygmy seahorses

There are lots more photos from the trip up in my ScubaBoard gallery, just click the link.

Exmouth is HOT already.  We have been mid to high 30s lately and last week even went over 40!  That's maybe a little much for this early in the year, even for me.  I do hope this means we are going to have lovely warm water and a long summer. 

Right now the shop is busy then quiet then busy, so pretty hard to predict.  We are still seeing lots of humpback whales and our sunset tour seems pretty popular.  I am spending more time in the dive shop itself over the next few months and am looking forward to working with people more days of the week. The divers yesterday had a fabulous day and the weather today is glorious.  Of course, the weekend is predicted to have a big swell, but hopefully it will still be nice!

Dave is off to Perth in November again for yet another doctor's appointment as well as some more courses.  He is doing much better and hasn't had to complain about his feet nearly as much - it's about time, it sucks so much when he's hurting every day!

We are heading for lots of changes in our life here over the next few months so stay tuned for the latest and greatest news!

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