Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Where did the week go?

I've been back a week and I can't believe how fast it's gone!  I still don't have the trip report for Wakatobi finished, but I have high hopes for having it done before the weekend.  I do have most of the photos posted in my ScubaBoard gallery with only a few left to process and upload.  I know the gallery can be a little slow, so you might need a little free time and some extra patience!

It's gone from being super hot to super windy over the weekend.  Today is crazy windy again, but it looks like it will drop a little bit each day as we head to the weekend.  I'm not sure if we will get out for diving at all for fun, but I think we are at least going to try - one of my dive buddies just got a new camera and is itching to get out and play!

It's time for my annual bitch session about stupid, stupid daylight savings time. We switched over on Sunday so now it's dark again until almost 7am...which means it's too dark to get out of bed and take the girls to the beach for a walk before work. It's daylight until after 8pm...which means it's too dang hot most days to even think about cooking dinner until it's so late you're really not hungry and if you do eat, you kinda feel all bloated when you go to bed. I hate daylight savings time here so much that I figured out how to join a Facebook group dedicated to hating daylight savings time...actually I joined two, I think, because I don't really have a clue how to work Facebook so when I went to find the link I couldn't, but did find another group. That'll show 'em!

I've been a little slack with pet photos lately - I just never seem to have the little camera kickin' around when the pets are doing something cute.  Or I've just been too lazy to deal with it.  One or the other!  But every day they do entertain us...

You know it's hot out when the cat lays under the drain valve thingie of the air-conditioner. When I first saw Boof sleeping I had no idea what was wrong with him, but it was just water and he told me off for waking him up

but then he did his cute, "scratch my belly" pose

before getting up to do a little posing

Lobo just stared off into the distance

MatlidaLily is still in brainless puppy mode most days. She's on a shoe rampage and has incredible powers when it comes to locating them. My sandal as it should look

and when I found it

Although, I guess I shouldn't blame poor misunderstood Tilly since evidence pointed to a different perpetrator

but I doubt Boof could have carried these around!

Til's good at being elsewhere...usually in our bed, on my pillow

Dave and I took the Girls down to the beach for a quick romp the other afternoon. It's the first time we've all gone together for a while and Dora and MatildaLily had a good time playing and kicking sand all over everything

Til took off with another couple of dogs going for a big run with their owner and we couldn't get her to get back into the car. When she finally did, she didn't get her whole butt in and part of her tail got caught in the car door. She was not happy, poor baby. As soon as we got home she bolted to the backyard to her comfort hole and sooked for 15 minutes or so.

Seems she just needs a little self-imposed time out when she's been startled

I sat on the back stoop and waited patiently for her to come to me for some lovin' then she was fine. Nothing wrong with her tail at all, it wasn't even tender when I tried to see if anything was wrong. She's just a little high strung, I think.
A set of pet photos wouldn't be complete without some "awwww, aren't they cute together" snoozing shots...

Dora is almost always the least thrilled about the sleeping arrangements...

Last Friday was set to be a glorious day so I rang my friend Mary to see if she would like to hop on the boat with me and head out for a couple of dives. I'm so glad we did. Not only were conditions beautiful for the last time all weekend, but we saw some very cool things including a mutant nudibranch and a new type of sea snake! Of course, I don't have photos of either of those things to show you...haven't uploaded the nudibranch ones yet and didn't take any of the sea snakes, d'oh! You'll just have to enjoy some of these instead
yellow boxfish

honeycomb cod watching me watch him

wobbegong shark face

a pesky angelfish insisting on getting between me and the creature I was really trying to take a photo of

The cleaning action was fabulous, too
batfish with cleaner wrasse

rankin cod


This turtle was just the funniest guy to watch. He would swim forward and rest his chin on this sea fan for a little rest. Then he would push himself backwards, hover for a few seconds, then throw his flipper into the fan before backing out again and doing another snooze. He even looked like he was taking some time to stop and smell the roses...errr...sea fan!

Reminded me of Dora when she rests her chin on the car seat

and of Tilly when she lays her head on her dad's chair

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