Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

October is gone, baby, gone...can you believe it?  Today is Halloween here, but I don't expect much action on the Trick or Treat front as it's not a huge deal.  We might get the three little neighbor girls but I wouldn't expect many more than that...a good thing, since we have no candy!

I put the holiday collars on the Girls the other day as we headed out to the beach and pretty much that's as festive as we are getting. Not that you can actually see the collars in these shots, but trust me, they're there!

MatildaLily was doing the "I'm so tired but I'm cute" thing back at the ranch

Not cute enough for us to overlook new destruction

What would Halloween be without a fun time wasting game? Try some Bowling for Cats Or maybe you prefer to look at some great party treats?

So many ways to celebrate!

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