Sunday, October 5, 2008

A great variety of shooting this week

I found the emu dad and his kids again the other day, so zoomed home to grab a camera. As I was trying to get close to him, he was freaking out. He was so mellow the last time I saw them, that I was a little surprised...until I saw the babies. It's a new family with even smaller babies! Very cool. This dad was having none of me getting close so I wasn't too successful in taking a lot of photos, but I did walk with them for quite a ways. Here's the trio:

Our walk took us across the golf course where there were about 100 roos hanging out. I kept hearing the thump thump of roos jumping...but turns out someone was really playing golf! Lucky I didn't get smacked in the head with a golf ball! He had quite the audience

Friday I had a family shoot with an excellent extended family. They were super sweet and had a lot of fun, despite bright and windy conditions! The three little girls were adorable.

More images from the shoot are on my Kristin Anderson Photography blog and you can see the whole shoot in the client gallery at Kristin Anderson Photography.

Saturday night took me to the Novotel for the Breast Cancer Foundation's Pink Ribbon night.  I was shooting for Straits Salts as they are a major sponsor of this event. 

It was extremely windy and pretty chilly, but there was a good turnout and I think a nice amount was raised for breast cancer research.  The Novotel had dressed up with pink uplights on the palm trees and pink balloons.

Part of the event was the lighting of the new pink lights on the marina bridge. 

The bridge will be lighted each night this month.

Tilly had been up to her usual mischief while I was out. She found a roll of scotch tape somewhere and gleefully destroyed it. As I was cleaning it up, she trotted over, stole a big piece and kept munching.

The heating pad had to die, too

Harry and Boof did what they do best, ignored her

Dave left for Perth Saturday morning so I'm bach'ing it this week. I'm not sure if he'll be home before I head out for Wakatobi on Thursday or not. He's looking at doing some courses while he is down there if the schedule works out right. He also has a check-up with his doctors, so hopefully we will have good news on that front.

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