Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bird crazy...or is that crazy birds?

You'd think that with three cats and two dogs, one a very playful puppy, our back yard would be devoid of any bird like creatures. How very wrong you'd be! We seem to have more birds than any other place in town and they are extremely cheeky. Some of them will hop right up on the cats' food dishes and sample leftover kitty crunches...while the cats are snoozing on the chair next to them!

Yes, our cats may be a tad lazy...

Lately, these little yellow guys have been carrying on day in and day out. They're loud and obnoxious, but at least they sit still for a few seconds sometimes!

There's a pack (flock, group, cabal?) of about five of them that tend to group up, but I can only ever seem to get three at a time...

They also seem to love the cyclone screen on my office window

We also have one odd duck who actually prefers to sit in the tree

Birds acting strangely aren't limited to the house. Outside the dive shop most mornings a bunch of white cockies (I think they are actually corellas, but who really cares?!) hang out in the street around a little puddle of water

One's a bit of a stalker cockie

And one is simply in love with himself

Stay tuned for more exciting wildlife posts ;)

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