Monday, March 9, 2009

Sunday afternoon together

Dave and I finally got to spend a little time together yesterday afternoon. It was a totally gorgeous day with no wind and clear skies. We took the Girls to one of Dave's favourite fishing spots and just hung out. There weren't even any sand flies!

The Girls and I played in the water, had a walk, and were generally lazy while Dave fished from the rocks. Now and then the Girls would try to help him :)

He caught a couple of little flatheads that he let go so it was more for entertainment than for dinner!

Dora wasn't as involved as Til was but she did supervise

It was such a nice way to spend a couple of hours

We also were treated to a big osprey hanging out alongside the track on the way to the beach

Days like this remind me why I love living here - the sun, deserted beaches, jeweled waters, awesome scenery & wildlife, my darling hubby and my fuzzy kids...what more could a girl want on a Sunday afternoon?!

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