Saturday, March 28, 2009

So you want more photos

I admit, I'm not particularly web savvy.  I pretty much do what I need to do and don't think about it more than that.  So I felt pretty stupid when I scrolled to the bottom of my Photobucket album and noticed that they have a quick link there so you can simply click on it and hey presto it's added to your chosen feed.

That means that any time I upload new photos, you get notified and can take a look-see.  I often upload more photos to an album than those that make blog posts and sometimes I upload stuff that I never get around to blogging about.

Here are the albums that I upload to most often - you can add them individually or click the "Feed for all content" option so it doesn't matter which album I upload to (and if I create a new album, you'll get notice of that, too).  Pretty groovy, really.
My Life 2009 Part I - a whole range of random stuff, including the pets
My Big Trip 2009 - seriously, I will be adding more photos soon and there are photos there that aren't in the blogs, I promise!
Ningaloo Reef 2009 Part I - this is where the underwater stuff ends up

Some of you are probably wondering why I've ended up back with Photobucket so here are my reasons in no particular order and as of right now:
- I resize my images before upload so I don't see a difference in quality between my PB images and those I put onto Flickr
- uploading single or multiple images is FAST and easy
- Photobucket's coding system makes blogging so much easier and faster for two reasons 1) all the information I need is on a single page, no having to click the image, then click All Sizes and then copy the code and 2) the code makes sense! I can copy the code right from the thumbnail and then all I have to do is change the very end bit for the next image. In Flickr I have to do every single flippin image individually (click, click, click, copy, paste...repeat repeat repeat)
- Flickr's free limit is irritating and I can't justify $25 a year just to pop images up somewhere really
- Photobucket's free limit is very generous

Anyhoo, just thought it was past time to let you all in to my galleries - enjoy & leave some love if you are so inclined!

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