Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Busy March!

It's been some long days this month as we prepare for whale shark season.  They got even longer when the sharks turned up early!  But we're getting some good numbers through the door, the sharks have been playing the game and the diving conditions haven't been too bad so it's worth it.  We've also added three new crew members to our roster so we've been spending a lot of time training and bringing them up to speed.

Our new Exmouth Dive blog is building a following already and we are working hard to keep it up-to-date with what's happening throughout the week. I hope to get some "meet the team" posts up before the end of the month, but that's coming crazy fast so it might be a first week in April project instead!

I'm also getting ready for my first wedding of the year, meeting with clients, organizing print orders and a whole bunch of other photography business so I'm really happy about that.  I love to be busy!!

I went down to the beach with next Monday's couple for a very short photo session

you can see more on Kristin Anderson Photography blog. I can't wait to shoot this wedding - it's going to be gorgeous!

Dave and I have been getting home pretty late most days, but we managed to get away around 6pm the other evening and went to another fishing spot.  I took advantage of the fading light to run my new camera body through a bit of a workout while the dogs ran around like maniacs.

Yes, even Dora runs!

Though she often prefers to just come back to her mom

and watch the world from a more relaxed position

MatildaLily had a few moments of calm with Dave heading to "the spot"

but once there she was like "OK, now what?"

Dave created a little treasure map clue with his empty beer bottle, telling me to follow it to something that should have been part of my birthday present

It was nice to get out and do nothing for a while, away from the phones! Just before we left, the Girls had one last gallop

When I have been home lately, mostly I've been chained to my desk answering emails and sending confirmations (we LOVE those!). I try to take mini-breaks every little while so have been doing the photo thing with the birds in our backyard again

I think this sums up how Dave and I feel right now

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