Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Whale Shark Season is a'comin fast!

The past few days have seen our phones ringing off the hook and my inbox constantly refilling with people enquiring about coming up during whale shark season.  Here's hoping it's a fantastic season with lots of sharks, good weather and many, many clients!

We had survey for the boats today so no tour was scheduled.  This meant we all got to have a little bit of a sleep in.  Of course, I was wide awake and in the office at 4 a.m.  Why does that always happen?!  I finished the first round of emails just before seven so coaxed the girls (yeah, right, more like got the heck out of the way as they bolted through the door!) into the car and hit the beach.  The sun had just barely started to give the sky a glow when we arrived...I love watching the morning change.

MatildaLily is so sophisticated

Again the girls found all sorts of snuffly buried treasure to consider

The sun was just peeking up when we headed back to the car

Dave is driving home from his week in Kalbarri today and it will be really nice to have him home again. Hopefully we'll actually have some time to spend together for a change!

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