Saturday, March 29, 2008

Rain, Rain, Go Away

We might finally be on the trailing edge of the rain band that has been plaguing us since Wednesday. And it's not a moment too soon as we are all a bit stir crazy! Tilly has been a crazy dog from being cooped up and she's decided that she doesn't like the rain. She's been ignoring her house-training and using Dave's office instead of heading out the door. Yesterday he took everything out of his office, pulled up the carpet and tossed it out. It's been very frustrating to have her go backwards like this and we can only hope that by the next rains she's confident in going outside or can hold it longer!

It looked like there might be a break in the rain this morning so we headed off to the beach for a much needed temporary escape. We had to change plans as we tried to get there, though

That's the golf course underwater - at least there will be some grass after the water receeds...usually it's hard packed red dirt on the fairways and "greens"!

We decided to try to head out to a beach further up the coast as Dave and I had been there on Thursday during some heavy rain and the roads were still passable. By the time we drove the four minutes to the second beach, the skies had opened up again. It could have been coming down in buckets and I still would have walked the dogs - Tilly was driving me bonkers in the car. We put up with some heavy rain for the first few minutes but then it turned to just a light misting. The dogs didn't care and sped up and down the dunes, into the sea and round and round us as we walked!

The Gulf was dead flat, if a little brown/red from the rains, and Dora enjoyed some quiet swims...until Tilly had to join her

Dora even went out to retrieve the ball that Dig had dropped in deep water for Ross to fetch.

We were almost back to the cars when we noticed things getting a little brighter. Sure enough, off to the north there was some blue sky and actual sunshine!

We were so excited about it we could almost ignore what was overhead and off to the East over the Gulf

The blue sky continued to expand as we drove away from the beach but it will need to get a lot bluer before all the water on the roads dries up

The white cockies are enjoying the fruits of the rain. There are all sorts of bird treats on the ground for them to pick at

A whole bunch have come back to the trees around the house and they are talking incessantly. These are very loud birds and their chatter almost makes me miss the patter of rain drops...but not quite!

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