Thursday, May 1, 2008

Osprey & Kangas

Last weekend I ducked out for an hour to go down to the surf beach because the swell was cranking. There were a lot of surfers waiting for waves, but the sets were pretty slow so there was a lot of waiting. I really enjoyed playing with my Canon 100-400L lens which doesn't get nearly the use it should do!

My friends were out diving in their boat right behind the surf area, so it was neat to watch it bobbing up and down on the swells.

Back at the house, one of our resident birds had staked out the bench and was watching me carefully with an adorable knock-kneed pose

before telling me off!

Inside as I was downloading the card this very cool bug came in and landed on some of the cords to my laptop. Unfortunately, he only gave me time for one shot, but he's still cool

Today we are waiting to hear from Dave as he is still in the hospital. He has a biopsy scheduled for early afternoon, so hopefully we'll know more by late afternoon.

The Girls and I headed down to the beach for our morning walk and to prepare for the day after checking in at the dive centre. It was another lovely day, with a gorgeous sunrise

and at our turn-around point a beautiful osprey was waiting for us.

A big kangaroo crossed the road in front of us as we drove home so I stopped, hoping that he would wait once he was in the bush. Turns out there was a whole group of them in there, but they were a bit farther back and obscured by the bush. He kept his eye on us for a few beats before hopping off.

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