Saturday, November 1, 2008

It's a great time to plan to come visit us!

I know some of you have been thinking about making the trek Down Under to see us and it looks like the recent economic downturn is actually helping in the possibilities.  Qantas and United are having little fare wars to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and there are some killer deals at the moment...and even more amazing, they are actually during very good periods to travel to the Ningaloo Reef.  Those interested in whale sharks will want to check out the May fares.  You'll still need to get to Perth, Western Australia and then up to Exmouth (Learmonth), but there have also been some good cross-country fares lately. Thanks to my friend Amber, brilliant cruise & travel guru, for this link that should help you get a good fare to our shores.

Dave left for Perth this morning and he's expecting a long drive.  He's towing an enormous trailer down for one of our friends and it will make the journey longer than usual.  We expect him to be in Perth until about the 25th November.  He's doing some courses and also has some follow up doctor's appointments.  It's going to be tough to have him gone for so long!

I got my lens back from Canon and took it out the back to make sure it was working well.  I was looking for a kitty to practice on as they are easier targets than the puppies.  Boof was snoozing in the afternoon shade, but woke up a little for me

MatildaLily couldn't stay out of the action but gave me this look when I shooed her away...and I'm sure that is exactly where I left that shoe, couldn't possibly have been dragged there by a doggie with that face! And I'm equally as sure she isn't pulling the jasmine plant to bits...

Dora came out and got into the act with some rough romping. I can't believe how far they can stretch that neck skin out!

Dora makes sure Tilly doesn't dominate the playtime!


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