Monday, November 3, 2008

Sunday diving

I was able to sneak out after being in the shop part of the day.  Ross, Mary and I headed to one of our favourite sites on Bundegi in the Exmouth Gulf for a single dive.  We had a great dive with plenty of critters and pretty good visibility.  I did about 75 minutes and came up as the current had kicked in and it was getting less and less fun!

Mary has gone dry! She's tired of being cold on dives and I don't blame her one bit!  Yesterday was her first time out in her brand spankin' new dry suit and I have to say I was a little jealous when I surfaced to a cold wind!  Ross and I used Mary's suiting up for a little pre-dive entertainment (all photos of Mary with the baby Olympus 720SW camera)

She only needed a little help...I was impressed on how easy she made it look

It took her no time to master things

Here's some photos from the dive for you:
Smiling rabbitfish

Stars & stripes pufferfish

Six banded wrasse

Moridilla brockii nudibranch head shot

Peeking over a ledge

Gymnodoris rubropapulosa nudibranch

Threadfin pearl perch

Juvenile barramundi cod peeking out from the staghorn coral

Spinning around fast!

Big ol' octopus tucked up under a ledge

His little sucker feet holding him upside down

Dave drove down to Perth on Saturday so I'm bach'ing it for a few weeks. He started a course this morning and called me at lunchtime to say he's enjoying it. I hope he continues to enjoy it. Kinda sucks to have him away, but it will be a good thing ultimately.

I've got some great photography things coming up including a couple of weddings and some more promotional work for the Novotel. I'll pop images up here with links to Kristin Anderson Photography blog and website, of course!

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