Saturday, November 8, 2008

A lull this week

This week has been very quiet here as Dave is gone, the dive shop has been slow thanks to a lack of tourists and a mighty wind blowing every day and pretty much I just haven't done much!  Haven't been down to the beach with the Girls in a few days since I hate sand and couldn't face getting sand-blasted.  MatildaLily has been looking longingly out of the fence each evening as the sun goes down...hopefully today will stay un-windy!

This will be a pet-intensive post as I've been playing around with some things and my ever-willing models feature heavily LOL  Tilly is still in destructo mode and the back yard will never recover.  She has multiple holes and has uncovered some of the reticulation pipe.  The gardeners were here the other day and filled it all back in - something I've also done twice this week - but the holes are back.

It's amazing how far she can flick the dirt

Both girls were in deep denial about the state of the garden yesterday.
"Holes? it was like this when we got here."

"Wow, Mom, you're right! Look at these holes. Naughty kitties!"

"Of course I'm not digging in the hole!"

They then decided to have a bit of rough-housing to distract me

How Dora can let Tilly pull on her neck like this, I don't know! Dora does the same thing to Til so maybe it's some Ridgeback thing

Harry thought the whole outburst was a little beneath him, as usual

Later he was keenly watching the action from a safe distance

But I caught him being a goof, too. You might not be able to see in the small images here, but there are bits of happy dribble right on his chin - it feels SO good!

Check out those claws

Lobo kept a safe distance perched up on the bar stool inside the back door. He kept a good eye on things

and thought seriously about pouncing

but ultimately decided it would be far too much effort, so curled up and went back to sleep. He woke up again closer to dinnertime - what a surprise - but wasn't keen on more posing

I couldn't forget about Boof - but he was pretty danged uncooperative yesterday so it was hard work! Perched on the chair in the living room

Expressing his interest in my activity

Then off to the kitchen to meow and yodel at me, just in case I didn't remember that it was almost dinnertime

Dave is doing well in Perth on his courses. He went to a big mining expo yesterday as a field trip so got to see a lot of things and talk to some people who are in the industry. Monday he's back in courses. It's hard to have him away, but we are both hopeful that this change in direction will get us where we want to go in the future.

I have been busy with enquiries for diving and for more photography things, so my time in the office hasn't noticeably decreased. I have a few weddings coming up in the next four weeks and a few booked for 2009, too. Hopefully I will get out for another brochure shoot at the resort and a family shoot this week, too. I love to keep busy!

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