Thursday, April 2, 2009

It's already April

But you already knew that!  The past few days have been crazy yet again. I'm beginning to seriously believe that "crazy" is simply normal for us! Dave and I drove to Coral Bay on Monday so I could photograph Liz & Paul's wedding (photos coming soon) then rushed right back to Exmouth early Tuesday morning as Dave had a meeting and I had to deal with an email issue.

Turns out our server has been wonky for some time and we just figured out the extent of the problem Monday morning before leaving for Coral Bay. Seems for about two weeks we were only getting some of our emails and others weren't getting through. On top of that, ALL of the email we've received since July 2008 was still on the server so during the fix ALL of the email had to be downloaded again. Over 17,000 messages that I had to sort through! It took freakin' hours!

Happily, we were only missing emails from about the 19th of March so I only had a couple of hundred that actually needed more attention than simply deleting them. I am all caught up on the backlog, but we are getting lots of new mails in and sending lots of confirmations so I'm feeling a little chained to the computer this week.

I won't say much about Liz & Paul's wedding - other than it was awesome - as I want to do it when I have some images to share. Today I had a photo shoot of the new chef for the Novotel Ningaloo so I need to get those ready for you, too! Stay tuned coz there's some good stuff coming as soon as I can!

Dave and I continue to try to get out for a little beach time with the Girls in the evening and tonight we are going to try a new "secret location" of Dave's. Dora & MatildaLily are such fun to watch. Tilly still pushes Dora's buttons and Dora still plays nicely, despite the fierce face!

Dora draws on an almost never-ending source of patience

I did say "almost never-ending"

MatildaLily continues to be clueless about the finer points of doggie etiquette and her tiny brain takes her off in a new direction, oblivious to Dora's displeasure

Wouldn't it be nice to be so simply joyful and carefree?!

Dora always takes advantage of moments of peace...she loves to hunt at low tide

And she keeps an eye on what her dad is doing

Those moments don't last long

Even when she tries to go deep...doesn't work as well now that Til is as tall as Dora is!

Dave usually doesn't catch much on our outings, I can't imagine why

But he likes just being out there

Sorry I'm not newsier today but I just wanted to pop something quick up since it's been a while.

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