Friday, April 24, 2009

Ask and ye shall receive...

I got out for two dives last Saturday with Ross and Mary after bitching and moaning about missing out on the fantastic conditions we had.  It was so good to get out under the sea again and soon I'll even have some time to get some of the photos from these dives and Good Friday done! The dives were great and the marine life was crazy active again. I have puttered through a couple so here there are to get things started

Juvenile angelfish

Roughback ray getting cleaned. He's a little beat up.

Big school of snapper cruising while a small white tip reef shark lazes on the sand

Rakin cod getting a clean

Rankin cod hunting in a school of baitfish

Swooping school of baitfish with pair of sweetlips

Dave and I found an hour one evening to duck down to the beach with the Girls. There were actually other people down where we were going to go, so we had to drive a little further to find our own uninhabited patch of sand. Dave did the fishing thing and despite his helpers, brought in a HUGE one...

he decided to let it go instead of cooking it up for supper LOL

There were tons of red bell jellies lining the beach and washing up in the shallows. Surprisingly, both dogs gave them a little sniff but were pretty uninterested

Dora would daintily pick her way through them

While Tilly dealt with them in her usual delicate manner

Dora took advantage of Til's crazy beach running, to have a quiet stroll through the water, all by herself

I didn't do much except relax

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