Friday, April 3, 2009

OMG - it's more dogs on the beach

So it's becoming clear that my life revolves in a very small circle.  If I'm not in my office, I'm at the dive shop, and if I'm not either of those places, I'm at the beach with my dogs (and lately with my husband, too)!  The only one of those three places that provides anything interesting to take photos of is the beach ... so here are more doggie shots from our outing yesterday.

We were going to explore a new, secret beach but at the last minute we invited a new kid in town to come with us because his co-workers ditched him from their fishing trip. Adam is very nice and was very patient with Tilly, who decided she needed to sit in the back seat with him!

We ended up going to Learmonth Jetty. I have to admit that it is another place that I haven't been to since living up here! I think I did go once, way back when, before it was revamped, but I barely remember it so it doesn't count.

The dogs HATE the walkway - and I don't blame them, even I wear shoes to walk on it. But they HATE being away from Dave even more, so they'd stand at the edge of the jetty and pine for him. Dora would venture out but it was just too pitiful to watch so we got off the jetty and went down on the beach

The beach is very strange. The sand is super sinky in places so as the dogs would run, they'd sink in all the way to their butts...Dora sank faster than Til ;) It reminded me of running over snow banks and getting caught out and ending up buried to your knees! They did finally make it to the water for some typical Sister playtime

And back on land they practiced their grizzly bear impersonations

Dora had a little swim away from MatildaLily, then checked to see if the coast was clear

before having a big shake

Dora seems so totally happy when she's in the water (by herself, at least)

and when she gets going, she's lightening on the beach

I thought this perfectly summed things up

Tilly thinks harassing her sister is a hoot

Til just has so many goofus moments, I never tire of trying to capture them

It was a glorious evening and the light changed so often and so fast and so was just stunning.

This is the Solar Observatory

Old pylons running along the new jetty

The sun is sinking faster each evening, but the skies are staying pretty for a while after it goes...another peaceful evening away from everything

Can't wait for the moon to be full again coz it's awful pretty itself

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