Saturday, October 31, 2009

Dave's off to Perth...again

He left this morning for yet more screwing around with our healthcare system. He's hoping to drive back on Wednesday at this stage, but we'll have to see how it all goes with juggling last minute appointments and what not. Stay tuned. Neither of us are impressed with this spur of the moment trip, but at least the doglets will get their food supply topped up so we don't have to fool with having that shipped up. Trying to see the silver lining here, really.

The past few days have kept on with the crazy. Dave has been in the dive shop most of the time and I've been frantically trying to clear all of the editing and processing from my backlog. I am thrilled to say that everything bar processing a few orders is done and dusted and those few orders remaining will be sent off to the printer before noon tomorrow. Yippppeee!!

I've had enough time to toss up a few bits & bobs, including some random personal just for fun stuff, on my Exmouth photography blog and hopefully I'll have images from the last two weddings up there early next week. You'll have to go there to see my feelings on mushrooms and you know you don't want to miss that! Please remember to leave a little note over there as each and every time you do it raises a little more money to help make Christmases jollier for someone who needs a little HO-HO-HO this season!

We took the Girls to the beach to have a big romp & check out another dead whale. Dora and Tilly settle right in on their car mat before we even leave the driveway.

But as soon as we are wheels up, Tilly's right there - eagerly drooling over the front seat, anxiously waiting to see what's coming up

This new dead whale looks pretty small and I don't have any idea how long it's been there or how it died. I just know that it's become something of a locals outing

Yes, those are camping chairs staked out on the rocks LOL I can't imagine sitting up there as it's decidedly whiffy when the wind blows a certain direction! The decomposing whale has brought in a ton of small fishes and those have brought in some bigger predators. Most of those standing around while we were there were watching three tiger sharks patrolling. None of them were very big - max about 7 feet probably - but friends of ours swear there was a 15+ foot guy there at one stage.

This kid was throwing pebbles into the holes despite his mom shrilly insisting he stop. I know the whale is dead and all, but behaviour like that just feels so disrespectful to me.

After hanging out watching the sharks for a few minutes we cruised along the beach well away from the action and other humans so we could get on with the walk. Dave found a big stick and that held their attention for about 20 seconds.

Dora ended the game by taking the stick out and dropping it in the water then leaving. Tilly was torn between finding the stick again and trailing after her Sister. Dora was supremely pleased with herself.

The weather here has been blowy again in the mornings and that sucks. It then gets HOT mid-afternoon and the Gulf glasses off. Hopefully tomorrow and Monday will be gorgeous as we have good boatloads of divers and everyone is itching to get a few good dives under their belts. I will be in the dive shop.

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