Sunday, October 11, 2009

Suddenly Sunday

I'm beginning to think I should just have an stock "Gee, I don't know how a whole week has slipped by me again" post because it sure seems that the days fly by without any news or even happy snaps from me.

Part of it is because I have no life, but the other part is because what little life I do actually have gets to insanely crazy with this, that and the other I don't have time or energy to keep up to date here. So here's another catch up post.

Dave is still on his way to Perth in SeaZone. He just called and they were meant to leave Geraldton today but they've turned back because of the weather & high seas. I don't know when they will try again as the weather isn't supposed to be better tomorrow, but we'll just have to wait it out. Crossing fingers for him to get there soon so he can come home!

I've been busy this week with spending every day in the dive shop and squeezing in a couple of photo sessions, too. I'll have some sneak peeks up this week and hopefully I'll also have a full post of images from Beck & Craig's wedding last Saturday. I have a ton of shooting coming up starting Friday so must get all of early October's finished before I get completely snowed under.

Tilly has tried to lighten my work load, albeit slightly misguidedly -> Lucky she's cute.

The early mornings here have been lovely most of the week so the Girls and I have been heading out before sunrise to get in a nice long walk before the world starts to stir. I love early mornings, best part of my day, really. And how's this for coincidence? Both of these images were taken at 0557 - Oct 9th & Oct 10th!

I love how different it can be from day to day.

It's been low tide early so we've been spending a lot of our walks out on the sand flats.

Dora loves the small puddles of water - walking through them, keenly watching the small fish or just hanging with her sister. She'll veer off our course by miles if it means she can romp through 1 inch of water.

The patterns in the sand are so cool I could spend all day just taking photos of them. Even our footprints and those of the little birds that tease MatildaLily are pretty nifty

We've also found some cool stuff: crabs, big broken baler shells, tiny worms, various bits of random stuff the tide has left behind

Yup, I love my early mornings all to myself out on the beach

I really appreciate those of you who have checked in with me to see how my Big Changes are coming along since I haven't been very good about keeping up the reporting! I am now almost seven weeks without Coke and I'm not missing it at all. I've had a few days here and there where I thought that the acid burn & tingle would feel so awesome, but it's never been more than a passing thought. Nice money saver, too, since bottles here are stupidly expensive...I'm up over $300!

I'm also doing great on hitting my 9 fruit/veg serves per day. I got stuck in a rut of 4-6/day which isn't bad, but I truly do feel better when I eat more than that. So the past couple of weeks I've been happily averaging 8 or 9 and it's good.

I'm still culling things out of my physical space, though a lot of that has been cleaning and organizing my hard drives. I have to admit to being bad about just saving everything since I do have a lot of storage available. But I pared over 100GBs the other day and it was strangely satisfying. I'm no where close to being done with that project but it's good to have job security, right?

Still with me? Good :)

Other than on our beach walks, my cameras have only been doing work and not much frivolous stuff this week. I did grab one the other day when we had a neat visitor to our front yard, though. I am assured it is some sort of ibis. All I know is it's a bird and he talks to me. Not in a "I'm crazy coz a bird speaks English to me" way, but in a "Hey, lady, you're annoying me honk honk" way. Very vocal and not a little pissy that I was out there.

The cats didn't even bother to check him out.

Well, that's pretty much my week so far. Today is windy and a little chilly so I doubt the dive shop will be very busy, but I'm here to handle the rush if it happens!

Please keep an eye out on my Exmouth photography blog this week. Not only do I hope to have lots of new photos up, but I am also going to announce what I hope will be a cool event and also some exciting news!

And I will try to add some vaguely interesting stuff here, too :)

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