Monday, October 26, 2009

Hello? Hello? Is thing on?

Haven't I been the bad Keeperer in Toucher lately?!  October has been a little more nutso than is usual even for our household and I haven't had much Me Time at all.  And that means the blog suffers, personal emails languish in my inbox & the phone gathers dust.

But I'm almost caught up with at least the really important things, so hopefully - cross fingers here - I won't get so snowed under again. I'm very much looking forward to having some time to do something that isn't work related!

Dave finally got home on Wednesday but is still sick, sick, sick. Today is the first day he's felt even remotely well enough to do anything and he's struggled to make it through the day even so. It's been frustrating to have him home when he's so sick as I'm trying to avoid him so I don't catch his lurgie!

I'm giving myself a little pat on the back for keeping on. My usual pattern when my life gets out of control is to say "Stuff it" and dose up on Coke, snack on Doritos, go the quick route with takeaways, have a beer or three in the evening, lay on the couch in a stupor, fret the night away with insomnia. This month I've been eating well, drinking plenty of water, getting out for at least a little walk most days and sleeping more nights than not - just generally taking care of myself. It's amazing what choosing these little things does for my overall attitude - instead of getting really snarky, I'm pretty mellow about having a To Do List that looks like Santa's Naughty List for the years 1909-2009 inclusive!
mmm stirfry

mmm early morning walkies

I've been at the dive shop most days this month but we've been quiet. Hopefully the end of the year will see a return of the divers so we can be more active. I've also been pretty danged busy with photo stuff with three weddings, newborn & baby shoots, toddler & family shoots plus fielding lots of enquiries for 2010. I love it! I wish I was crazy busy with photo stuff every day, in fact. I'm so happy I took the plunge and started this business - I'm truly happy when I'm shooting, editing, talking with my fabulous clients. Pretty much everything about my photography business is bringing me joy.

You can always check out what's happening by clicking the link on the right as it takes you straight to my Exmouth photography blog or you can look at individual things I've been up to here:
Newborn Faith
Bec & Craig's awesome Exmouth beach wedding
Cheeky Stephanie
There's more to come this week, too, so make sure to stop back!

Also, please jump in with comments over there. Not only do I love to hear what you have to say, but it's for a great cause - the more comments you leave (on my photography blog), the happier the holiday season will be for some who need a little cheer this year.

Of course, a blog post from me wouldn't be complete without at least a few words and photos of the furkids. They do keep me entertained, day in and day out. They've been lifesavers again this month, always there with a cuddle or a goofy antic. Tilly has resumed her position in the car - she leans WAY into the front, big ol' goofybutt grin on her face as we drive.

For those of you who believe the old wives' tale that Rhodesian Ridgebacks and cats can never get along just have a gander at what I walked in on this morning

They all looked so snuggly it was hard to resist the temptation to climb back in for a few more z's, but I did resist...and my Monday 19 item To Do List now only has three things left on it.

Go me!!

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