Friday, October 16, 2009

A happy Friday morning

Despite having been up since 3am this morning, I'm having a great day!  The doglets and I were on the beach before 0530 and we just had one of those perfect walks where you finish feeling totally happy & like nothing in the world could weigh you down.  They were both wound up for some reason and did the bezerker thing most of the time - they are such a hoot to watch, though Tilly makes me tired just watching her at some points! Dora is much more sedate but today she ran & ran, chased Tilly, swam, romped through the water, snuffled under the bushes, thought about running up a dune but then decided that was just taking things too far and came back to trot in front of me.

Back at the house the three of us had a game of Chasey in our bedroom - me trying to shoo them out since they were still a bit wet and sandy and them trying to get hunkered in on one of their mats (or the bed, they weren't being fussy) before I could push them out the door. Not a lot of extra space in our room so it was a little comical :)

I jumped on our Wii for my weekly record keeping (which I've been sucking at - did it last week for the first time in a month so this is a big two weeks in a row now LOL) and almost did myself a damage falling off it when I saw the result. Luckily, I'm *that* coordinated and I recovered quickly then did a little happy dance instead! Somehow I've dropped a huge 1.6kgs in a week and I'm officially well under the weight I was on my cruise this January. I wasn't stupidly overweight for the cruise, but I was carrying a few more pounds than I like to. I also managed to put on an extra 3kgs after getting back so getting below that starting point was somewhat of a goal for me. I'm still not at my fit goal, but at least I'm a little bit along the path finally.

The being better to myself is paying off, not only in weight, but also in just feeling overall better physically, mentally & emotionally. I still have moments where I start to get overwhelmed or beaten down but for the past few months I've been handling it differently, for the better. Those who have known me for a while know that this is a huge deal as for the past two or so years coping has really been a struggle (hence the unfitness as that's how I torture myself).

I talked with Dave last night and it looks like he could be home on Monday - only a short few more days away YIPPEEE!

So, today is a happy day...although I'm getting my hair cut later so it's bound to end tragically...wish me luck!


Gilsner said...

My goodness, chickey, you were up early! But what a wonderful day, indeed! Way to go on the Wii, I need to get back into that. I'm the same way, my weight is inversely proportional to my mood. My mood goes down... my weight goes up. *super*

Good luck with the hair... I look forward to pictures! ;)

Ruth[less] said...

Well done on the weightloss!! Glad you're feeling a bit happier, I was worried about you :)