Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Dora has already accepted her new sister! We were very happy yesterday when they started playing happily together as for the first day and a half Dora was definitely not impressed most of th time!

Dora was extremely gentle with Tilly, even if it looks like things might be getting out of hand a little bit in some of the shots. Dave and I were right there making sure both girls remembered to keep it nice - Dora's bigger, but Tilly's got vicious sharp teeth and doesn't quite know she's not meant to use them yet.
Look at me!


C'mon, c'mon, PLAY!

OK, I'll play, says Dora:

I've got big teeth, too!

A little break in the action:

I'm ready to go again, Sis!

Full body combat!

A coy ploy before more romping:

And then there was quiet:

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