Saturday, January 5, 2008

Something completely different

Some of you may know that late 2007 saw me move towards some different activities, most notably topside photography. Who knew my camera gear could work so well above the water?! This year was dismal for my dive count and so getting out and about with my gear was essential.

Friends and I went out around the Cape a few times just shooting whatever we came across - it was great fun and a fantastic learning curve. I did flowers, landscapes, surfers, the beach, our pets (who now hate the camera!) and just general stuff. Here's some random ramblings:

I haven't had much time to head out and do spur of the moment shooting like this for several months now as I've been busy at my full time job and with trying to start my own photography business. I'm getting there and have had some weddings, family portraits and baby shoots so far. Hopefully 2008 will see this new venture take off and give me the opportunities I want to head out for fun stuff, too! I'll get some shots from my various shoots up soon - and more puppy photos, too!

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