Saturday, January 12, 2008

The cats aren't convinced

For all the progress MatildaLily is making adapting to her new home, Boof and Harry aren't quite ready to be bestest-buds. Especially Harry.

Boof will let Tilly come up to him if she's being relatively quiet, but mostly he prefers to watch the action from a distance. You can almost see him shake his head in disbelief that such a tiny creature could be such a menace.

Harry is showing a less than serene side of his nature with continual growling and hissing whenever he even suspects Tilly is around. She, of course, is clueless to the signs and has had several near misses with kitty paw swipes. And yesterday Harry finally connected after she'd been annoying the snot out of him for about 45 minutes. He got the tip of her ear a good one - drew blood and a high pitched YIP. We shall see if she's learned anything.

We're being very interactive trying to get Harry to mellow out a little bit, but it's going to take some time LOL He will now sit and keep a wary eye on her if she is otherwise occupied, like with her Funky Chicken. As soon as Tilly's attention starts to wander, Harry is BAM out of there!

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