Tuesday, January 8, 2008

After week one...

MatildaLily has been home for just over a week so far and she's fitting in and holding her own.

The cats still aren't 100% relaxed with the new puppy, but they're not running for cover every time they see her anyway. Lobo is letting her get pretty close and when she's calm, he lets her give him a big sniff and a bit of a cuddle. When she's not being calm, he gives her a little bat on the head!

She and Dora are great friends now, they play all day long and when playtime gets too much, they stop and flop together. Tilly isn't as needy as Dora was with Diva, but she'll still cry and moan a bit if she's not napping with Dora and she does like to be "on" her whenever possible.

Dora is uber patient with Tilly: she'll let Tilly grab her neck, jump on her, take her toys away and generally push her around.

Often during playtime there will be a small lull in the action and they share a sweet moment.

Tilly loves toys and is constantly going from one to another. Of course, the best way to interest her in a toy is to have Dora playing with it first! And Dora loves to beat Til' to a toy, too. They are just too cute!

We are trying to give Dora lots of good individual time away from the puppy, but mostly she seems to prefer to hang out with MatildaLily. Sometimes, a little quiet time is good, though.

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