Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day ... the evening

Well, the wind never did switch around properly so we didn't get to dive at all on Christmas.  But I did get to spend a lot of time with the doggies and Dave and I headed down to the beach around 6:30 for a bit of a romp.  Before we headed out, Dave took a look under the hood of my car - the fan belt screams when you turn on the air-conditioning, so he was trying to make it stop.

There were too many flies so we didn't stay overly long, but the girls had a blast!

We had fun, too!

Tilly jumped straight in the car and was all ready to go. Dora waited for her humble servant to give her a little towel-off and then a boost into the back!

MatildaLily loves riding in the car...she has to be right up front just in case something cool whizzes by. What a goof!

Back at the house they decided to torment the new footie some more. Death and destruction soon followed as Til got a little over-zealous

Dora watched from afar as Dave cleaned up the glass

She's so elegant

Til felt a little bad about it

But still looked like a goof

There was only a momentary lull and then the games began again

with lots of growling and carrying on

And they had to be right up close to me. Probably expecting me to mediate!

Ultimately, Dora was victorious

She made sure Tilly was clear on whose ball it was

And then started to rip more stuffing out of it as poor MatildaLily looked on longingly

Til got "the look" a couple of times and looked properly chagrined!

Dora was concerned that maybe she had gone too far

But that feeling passed pretty quickly!

After such a rough and tumble day, everyone was ready for a late BBQ dinner so Dave headed out the grill. The evening sky was amazing

It was a lovely end to a very laid back day.

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