Friday, December 12, 2008

December's already a week gone!

Well, once again, I've fallen ridiculously behind in keeping you all up-to-date with the news on this end of the world.  Luckily, there hasn't been much happening so you didn't miss much!

It's been great having Dave back.  We have hot water on demand again thanks to his quickie fix and it's simply glorious!

I've been super busy trying to get the danged computer running again and it's finally 100% good to go thanks to a massive amount of help from my friend, Wardie.  Having to deal with the computer issues has put me massively behind in getting all of the shoots from November processed, but I am almost caught up.  Just need to finish up the christening from a couple of weeks ago and the wedding I shot on 6th December.  So stay tuned, there will actually be updates to the Kristin Anderson Photography blog soon! 

The recent five Wakatobi posts here received great responses - thanks to everyone for the kind words!  The numbers of visitors checking things out was off the charts and I hope everyone found a little something to enjoy or help.  There are still more photos from this trip to be organized, but I'm not sure when I'll get to them.

I haven't been very good about taking photos of anything if it hasn't been work related, not even the furry kids have been subjected to it lately!  I did grab a couple of frames of the dive shop's newest regular - Steve the Stick-Guy.  He was trying to climb up the steps before Dave gently removed him to the big bush outside

And I did create a new watermark with my logo and web site details, what do you think? Now to get the web site itself updated!

I get the feeling our kitties are feeling a tad neglected as they have been bringing us a variety of gifties this week. I'd rather have flowers, really! We think it's an orange-naped snake (Furina ornata). I googled and it seems that it is venomous, but not dangerous.

Dave is doing some security work for the pub starting tonight. Be a big change to our daily timetables as he doesn't even start until 9pm and won't get home until 2-3am! I'm in the dive shop today so he can try to catch a nap at least.

The dive shop is see-sawing between busy and too quiet. As we get closer to Christmas we are busier, so I'm sure we should be enjoying the non-stressful time! We are only closed on Christmas Day and it looks like we will be diving every other day through the whole holiday period, so that's good news.

Good news for some at least - I'm sure I won't be out diving as much as I'd like, but I hope to sneak a day or two in here or there. Ross, Mary and I have big plans to hit the Gulf for a few days as the tides are perfect pretty close to Christmas Day and it's been too long since we headed out to some old favourites and to recon some new areas. Cross your fingers that I can get out!

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