Sunday, December 21, 2008

Trip to the beach

Dave and I wandered down to the beach with the Girls yesterday after work.  It was really hot and Dave's feet are still sore, so we didn't walk too far, but it was a beautiful day to spend some time next to the glassy Gulf.  And the Girls always love to have a big romp in the water.

They still fall for the ol' throw the rock trick

Though Tilly's attention span is still pretty short

From zero

To about 100 on the annoyance scale

To 1000 on the Nut Bag scale

Dora likes a more leisurely stroll

Amazingly, MatlidaLily jumped straight in the car when we were ready to leave. I suspect it had to do with her love of ice water and ice blocks!

Dora wasn't as keen to get back in, but her curiosity over what Til was getting overcame her reluctance...she still made Dave lift her back end in!

We had our ecologically friendly recycled cooler with a couple of cold beverages along...didn't really mean for it to turn into the communal water dish, though! Ahhh, the ice is good!

MatildaLily loves the wind in her hair

But can't miss too much of the action either

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