Friday, December 26, 2008

The world's most awesome potato peeler

Christmas is a time of great joy and a time to reflect on the past year.  This has been a tough year on a whole variety of levels and sometimes it's been hard to see the wonderful things that are a part of my life each day.

My Dad always knows exactly what to say and what to provide for me; this Christmas he's given me a precious...potato peeler

For those who can't read the letter
Use this with care to peel away all the "bad" for the year and reveal the bounty of good in the future.  It will also strip away the days until your next visit.  Such a magical tool for you to remember all the love sent your way.

It now hangs on my wall right in front of my work station.

It reminds me every time I glance at it to rejoice in the good things that are a part of my life. To think of my family and friends with love every day.  To hold on to the knowledge that there is something good just beyond a bad patch and that I can get to the good stuff.

It reminds me to know how blessed I am.

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