Wednesday, December 31, 2008

More diving!

Ross, Mary and I got out for a few dives last weekend. The surface conditions were lovely

but the recent cyclone activity north of us brought in a bunch of crud and a pretty big swell so it was very surgey on the first dive. It was also a bit chilly for my tastes (thanks to Ross for snapping this with my baby Oly 720SW)!

We decided to move around back into the Gulf for the rest of the dives and the conditions were much better, though there were still many floaties. Sunday was lots warmer!

I'm trying out a new piece of software for the first time so please enjoy this slideshow of underwater images from the weekend. Let me know what you think of it - don't be shy!

Here are some more images that don't move!
01 - our best find of the weekend. A nudibranch we have never seen before Phestilla melanobranchia

02 - some mating nudibranchs

03 - an excellent polka-dot crab

04 - cool eyes

05 - I can't resist moray eels

06 - or little gobies

07 - especially when they give me the googly eyes!

08 - this Moridilla brockii nudibranch was munching down on a little snack

I love looking way into little bits of coral as you never know who will be hiding in there.
09 - shrimp

10 -

11 - little triplefins

12 - crab with eerie red eyes

And, of course, there are always curious fish!
13 - snapper

14 - rabbitfish

13 - lionfish

14 - pufferfish

15 - hawkfish

16 - lizardfish

Back at the marina this bird with a dicky foot watched us load the boat back onto the trailer

It felt great to get out and about, even if I did have to head straight back to the dive centre after the dives. We have been very busy over this holiday period and it's meant some late shutting times and hectic hours...but it's great and I wish we were this busy every day of the year!

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