Saturday, December 20, 2008

Twas the weekend before Christmas

And not a creature was stirring.

The whole town seems very quiet today and we are totally quiet at the dive shop.  I'm a little surprised because we are actually busy closer to Christmas and through the New Year...must just be a lull!

Dave worked security last night again and he also received the letter he needs to move on in the security world.  That's a good thing as without this letter, options are pretty limited but with the letter all sorts of opportunities I would not have even thought of open up.  It's always nice to have choices!

Things are looking pretty good for me to get out for at least a few dives this week. Dave, Ross, Mary and I are heading out on Christmas Day to catch some crays, do some dives, eat some lunch and generally enjoy the heck out of the day.  If I'm not too lazy lounging in the sun, I might take some topside photos as well as the underwater ones I know I'll do!

I finally got a minute to test out my replacement remote trigger for my off-camera lighting yesterday.  I have to say it was a literal minute and I simply stuck it in the living room and snapped a shot of Tilly in another of her quiet moments

I keep taking my camera to the dive shop just in case any of the dad emus bring their babies by, but I've been snookered the past few times and today looks like it won't be any different, though I guess it's still early. The cockies are out in force though and make a heck of a racket as they drink and splash in the puddle out front of the dive shop
Who's a pretty boy, then?

Group bath


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