Wednesday, January 7, 2009

5 days left!

The countdown is feeling real now!  My new cold weather coat arrived the other day,

Amber says almost all of the bits & pieces she is bringing for me are ready for packing and I'm starting to feel that tingly feeling in my stomach that I am forgetting something important!  This is the first trip in a long time where I will not simply be able to pop to the mall to buy something if I've forgotten it.

I'm spending the last few days here trying to get our dive centre web sites updated and making sure that all of the crew have everything they need to continue making bookings for the upcoming whale shark season.  I will still be dealing with all of the emails while I'm away, but the more organized I can be, the better!

And of course there's all the fun stuff to do - like laundry

I'm also working on polishing the last bit of a new wedding album for my early December bride, Jade. Hopefully I will have that finished tomorrow or Thursday. Have some meetings with future and potential brides at the end of the week, too.

Busy busy! But excited!!

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